sup. my name is Sanji

name: Sanji or Pixel.

pronouns: they/them.

age: 25.

location: MX.

other: scorpio, ISTJ, chaotic neutral.

hobbies: drawing, listening to music, anime, manga

music: BUCK-TICK, Green Day, Babasónicos, The Cure, THE MORTAL, The Network, Red Hot Chili Peppers, GOT7, MONSTA X(ot7)

Before following or navigating further keep the next in mind:

1. I often post and talk about NSFW themes

2. I'm a proshipper (aka I don't care about what you ship or get off to as long as you don't condone it IRL), i use the words yaoi, yuri, fujoshi, etc unironically

that's it dude

this is a lil pixel sanjirops

People call me Sanji as short for "Sanjirops", whom is Sanji (from anime One Piece) dressed up as a reptile. Ironically I don't actually id with Sanji, I do with Zoro. Should add a Zoro kinnie badge around here someday (I don't actually believe in kinning lol).

Reasons i'm Zoro:

  1. I fuck Sanji (the character)
  2. yeah

I write my name as 三次 instead of サンジ to further differentiate myself from Sanji (One Piece).

I got to experience the Windows XP era as a kid, so nowadays I'm enjoying the Oldweb revival a ton.

I'm really into the looks of old N64 era graphics and renders.

Recently got into coding, I'm still learning a lot of stuff so I'll keep updating the page slowly! Feel free to explore around.

Im actually more like Zoro than sanji. PlEASE remember this.

No but seriously. I'm so like Zoro it's not even funny. What the fuck

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Image 1Sanji from One Piece: my absolute most favorite character ever! I have a shrine dedicated to him irl and in my shrines page, check it out
Image 1Zoro from One Piece
Image 1Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter
Image 1Yoshikage Kira from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Image 1Yagami Light from Death Note
Image 1Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh
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To-do list

This is my to-do list for the site. Look forward to these being added!

  • Make about page cooler
  • Keep working on gallery? Not entirely satisfied with it rn
  • Actually write blogs
  • Add music, animanga pages
  • Keep working on B-T fanpage
  • Make this look good on mobile lol

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And you!