The shop is currently: CLOSED :-(

Thank you for being interested in my commissions!

I'm a hobbyist artist who has been drawing digitally since 2015, traditionally for as long as i can remember.

I love drawing anime characters and band members. Take a look at my gallery to see my previous works and, if you are convinced, feel free to contact me through email or DMs to commission me!

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✓ Will Do: ✘ Won't Do
NSFW * Realism
IRL ppl Furry
OCs Animals
Simple BGs Tech
  1. I have an "animeish" art style so please be mindful of that!
  2. My field of expertise is drawing hot guys lol but I'm open to do pretty much anything, we can always talk it out.
  3. I always perform better when I draw something I'm personally interested in (bands, anime).

When you receive your commission you're free to use it as you wish as long as it's for non commercial use.

Credit is not necessary but very appreciated!^^

I also have a ko-fi page where I draw small sketches in exchange for a cup of coffee! Thank you so much for liking what I do!

Tablet: Wacom Intuos Small

Software: Clip Studio Paint ver. 2