update history

[2023.08.19] Sanji shrine is ready as well :-)

[2023.08.12] BUCK-TICK shrine is finally ready to launch. Check it out!!!

[2023.07.09] Goodies page is up!

[2023.06.17] Added a bunch of art to the gallery!

[2023.06.14] About page updates, and a new blog!

[2023.05.10] Some minor updates on about page. Sorry for any dead links/imgs!

[2023.04.16] Updated commission page and added sitemap on index.

[2023.03.09] Better mobile view, sidebar update and news boxes.

[2023.02.18] Added a new entry to the Blog.

[2023.02.11] Added music page and a cool winamp player!

[2023.02.04] Added a bunch of ads that make the site look cool.

[2023.02.03] Just added a Gallery with my most relevant pieces since 2022.

[2023.01.28] Hello everyone! I'm sick and tired of modern social media forcing everyone's pages to look the same. So I decided to make this Neocities page. Nice to meet you^^